Retaining Walls

Your Western New York Masonry Contractor has an extensive background with 20 plus years experience in all phases of masonry work. From retaining walls to chimneys we have you covered. We have the ability to repair existing retaining walls and chimneys as well, saving you thousands of dollars. Below lists our masonry services along with information for the Western New York area.

Chimney Repair

Cracks in chimney cap, missing or damaged brick, mortar missing between the bricks. These are symptoms of sever weathering. A professional inspection is needed.

Foundation Repair and Waterproofing

Water infiltrating your home, cracks in your foundation wall, century old stone foundations. We offer a wide array of solutions from a PU polyurethane grout injection system for cracks to a complete foundation excavation, waterproofing, and replacement of weeping tiles.


Parging is a thin layer of cement, applied on a wall, on steps or exposed foundation wall above grade. Most parging is used for aesthetic purposes and protection against some minor moisture penetration.


Is the process of the removal of loose and un-sound mortar between the bricks or stones and the insertion of new mortar in its place. Over time, openings created through water penetration by the effect of the freeze/thaw destroys the integrity of your mortar. Tuck-pointing is strictly the insertion of new mortar in these voided areas and is called the repointing process.

Spalled Brick

After years of freezing and thawing, brick can naturally break apart, reducing it's ability to protect your house from the elements. We can fix that for you!

Steps and Landings

Slips, trips, miss steps, and their consequences have serious implications to your health and safety. Your Western New York Masonry Contractor offers a wide range of solutions: custom made steps, or CSA approved factory made units. We also restore steps and landings.


Our stone masons have comprehensive and intimate knowledge of each stone type, their application techniques and their artistic value. From the Quarrymen to the Master Stone Mason, your Western New York Masonry Contractor has the resources to create or restore any stone project.

Window and Door Sills

Sills are horizontal shelf at the bottom of a windows or a doors .The purpose of the sill is to direct water and protect the work below the sill from water damage. The water infiltration through damaged sills and the adjacent mortar joints are a common due to the high volume of water.

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